2013 WNO Nabucco production

Welsh National Opera: Nabucco

Giuseppe Verdi
Season culminates in Verdi

The 2014 summer season draws to a splendid conclusion with Verdi’s Nabucco, an opera particularly well known for its mighty choral scenes, hymns and marches. The longing for freedom of an oppressed people is expressed in mighty themes, in an opera sometimes regarded as a symbol of Italy’s national liberation. Bringing this spectacular production of Nabucco to Savonlinna is Welsh National Opera.

King Nabucco and his daughters Fenena and Abigaille are the leaders of the Assyrians. While their father is away, the daughters enter into a game of power in which the stakes are the fate of the Hebrews in Babylon. The King is finally reinstated as ruler and their former captor becomes the Hebrews’ liberator.

Conductor: Xian Zhang
Stage director: Rudolf Frey
Stage designer: Ben Baur
Rehearsed by Caroline Chaney
Costume designers: Silke Willrett & Marc Weeger
Lighting designer: Tim Mitchell
Lighting realised by Ian Jones
Choreographer: Beate Vollack
Chorus master: Stephen Harris

Scenery, costumes and props by Stuttgart Opera 
Extra scenic elements and wigs by WNO


Zaccaria, bass   Kevin Short
Ismaele, tenor   Robyn Lyn Evans
Fenena, mezzo-soprano  Justina Gringyte
Abigaille, soprano    Mary Elizabeth Williams
Anna, soprano   Rosie Hay 
Nabucco, baritone       David Kempster
The High Priest of Baal, bass James Platt
Abdallo, tenor   Joe Roche
WNO Orchestra 
WNO Chorus




premiere at 19
at 19
at 19

Performances in Olavinlinna Castle.
Sung in Italian.
Finnish and English surtitles.
The performance begins at 19.00 and ends at about 22.00. One interval.

Act I  about 45 minutes
Interval  30 minutes
Acts II-IV about 1 hour 30 minutes.