Two perfect gems in one

The premiere of Iolanta was an exceptional event in the history of music, for another Tchaikovsky masterpiece, Nutcracker, also had its first performance on the same evening. Both the Emperor and the entire audience at the Mariinsky Theatre were enraptured. The music of these two gems is now united in the exquisite Bolshoi Theatre production.

The orchestra paints a prologue to the events of the opera in music from the ballet. King René lives with his daughter Iolanta in his remote castle. Iolanta has been blind ever since birth, but her father does not want her to know this. In the end, an amazing love restores her sight, revealing the visible world, for better, for worse.

A Bolshoi Theatre guest production

Music director of the production: Anton Grishanin
Conductor: Tugan Sokhiev
Stage director: Sergey Zhenovach
Set and costume designer: Alexander Borovsky
Lighting designer: Damir Ismagilov
Chief chorus master: Valery Borisov

The Bolshoi Theatre soloists, Choir and Orchestra.



25.7. (premiere), 27.7., 28.7. klo 19,
29.7.2017 klo 15.

Symphonic suite Nutcracker is performed as part of production.

Sung in Russian.
Finnish and English surtitles.
Running time 2 hours 40 minutes. One interval.

Cast includes:
Anna Nechaeva, Ekaterina Morozova (Iolanta),
Mikhail Kazakov, Pyotr Migunov (René),
Igor Golovatenko, Konstantin Shushakov (Robert),
Dmytro Popov, Oleg Dolgov (Count Vaudemont),
Elchin Azizov (Ibn-Hakia),
Pavel Valuzhin, Bogodan Volkov (Almerik),
Alexander Naumenko (Bertrand),
Svetlana Shilova (Marta),
Olga Seliverstova (Brigitta),
Yulia Mazurova (Laura).