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Pietari Kylliäinen Hotel

The Pietari Kylliäinen is on the main street through Savonlinna, within walking distance of Olavinlinna Castle. A cosy hotel, it also has an attractive restaurant, two different-sized private rooms for meetings and evening parties, and a sauna to order. The kitchen serves delicious lunches and tasty à la carte dishes.
Tel. +358 15-51830, myynti@pietarikylliainen.fi

Järvisydän Hotel & Spa Resort

Hospitality since 1658! The Hotel & Spa Resort at Rantasalmi lies at the gateway to the Linnansaari National Park, on Lake Saimaa. It has an atmosphere and milieu all of its own, mouth-watering local food, accommodation in luxury villas or the hotel, and beautiful lake scenery.
Tel.+358 20-729 1760, jarvisydan@saimaaholiday.net

Villa Aria & Opera Summer Hotels

The Villa Aria is a luxury summer hotel right in the centre of town. 20 attractive non-smoking rooms, most of them with a view of the lake. Parking and moorings available.
Tel. +358 15-515 555 (in summer)
The Opera Summer Hotel is at Kyrönniemi, a c. 15 minute walk from Olavinlinna Castle. 29 light, spacious rooms, all with kitchen and bathroom.
Tel. +358 15-521 116 (in summer), info@savonmafia.fi


The Kruunupuisto is a feel-good hotel set amid beautiful scenery. In addition to its rooms, it has restaurant services, a spa, a wide range of sporting activities and magnificent countryside to explore. Privacy and luxury combine in the nostalgic rooms of this hotel.
Tel. +358 20-763 9130, myyntipalvelu@kruunupuisto.fi

Opera guest accommodation package, 7 July – 5 August and public Opera Immersion course 16 – 21 July 2017

Why not round off your Opera Festival experience with an affordable stay at the Old Parsonage or Villa Olavi hostels of Savonlinna Christian Institute? Our package includes accommodation, breakfast, a shuttle service to Olavinlinna Castle, and supper at the Institute. Rates from EUR 75 per person per night. The Institute is only 5 miles from Olavinlinna Castle.
Savonlinna Christian Institute will arrange a splendid Opera Immersion course for the public between 16 and 21 July 2017 with lectures on opera, visits by leading artists, a pleasant course ambience, and all of the extras that come with 25 years of experience arranging in-depth opera courses. This really is a full-service opera package.
Tel. +35844 735 4821 , info@sko.fi

Original Sokos Hotel Seurahuone

Right in the heart of Savonlinna, overlooking the market and passenger harbour, the Original Sokos Hotel Seurahuone is the ideal place to stay and enjoy the Opera Festival atmosphere. A lake-side footpath leads from the hotel to Olavinlinna Castle.
Tel. +358 29 123 9600 (0,0835 €/call + 0,1669 €/min), sales.suur-savo@sok.fi

Casino Spa Hotel

Enjoy the operatic experience to the full at the Spa Hotel Casino. Accommodation to suit all tastes, from bargain summer-hotel rooms to luxury Superior Plus.
Tel. +358 15-73950, myynti@spahotelcasino.fi

SaimaaHoliday Oravi

The idyllic village Oravi is located in the middle of Saimaa Lakeland. This small wilderness village has a lot to offer, for example a fish restaurant, Thai restaurant, grocery store, 17 comfortable lakeside villas and an apartment hotel. From Oravi outdoor center you can rent a canoe, take a boat to Linnansaari National Park or join a guided tour. The village is also accessible by a daily safari bus from Savonlinna.
Tel +358 44 274 7078 oravi@saimaaholiday.net,
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The Muikkuterassi or “Vendace Terrace” is a Savonlinna “must” in summer. Local fish fried in butter by the master vendace chef. The magnificent lake scenery and the view across town at sunset make up a memorable experience well worth combining with an evening at the opera.
Tel. +358 29 123 9600 (0,0835 €/call + 0,1669 €/min), sales.suur-savo@sok.fi

Restaurant services in Olavinlinna Castle

The medieval halls of Olavinlinna Castle and the Linnantupa Restaurant are an enchanting historical setting for festive and other occasions large and small. Interval refreshments and buffet before and after the opera. Bookings: www.kauppa.kattaasavon.fi
Tel. +358 29 123 9600 (0,0835 €/call + 0,1669 €/min), sales.suur-savo@sok.fi

Huvila Brewery Restaurant, Waahto Bistro and Valo Restaurant

The Huvila Brewery Restaurant, Waahto Bistro and Valo Terrace Restaurant commanding some of the best locations in Savonlinna are dedicated to cuisine of the highest order made from local produce. The outdoor terraces, the lake scenery and the jovial service for which the people of Savo are famed all add to the enjoyment.
Huvila Tel. +358 15-555 0 555, info@panimoravintolahuvila.fi
, Waahto Tel. +358 15-510 677, waahto@savonmafia.fi, Valo Tel. +358 44-354 9640, info@savonmafia.fi

Perlina di Castello

A restaurant and magnificent summer terrace serving delicious Italian fare and atmosphere right near the market place. The wood-fired pizza oven is the heart of the Perlina di Castello and guarantees the perfect crisp pizza.
Tel. +358 029 123 9600 (0,0835 €/call + 0,1669 €/min), sales.suur-savo@sok.fi

Majakka Restaurant

The Majakka (Lighthouse) Restaurant has been famous for its delicious food (such as the local speciality, vendace) and true culinary experiences by Lake Saimaa in Savonlinna for decades now.
Tel. +358 029 123 9600 (0,0835 €/call + 0,1669 €/min), sales.suur-savo@sok.fi

Sarastro Street Bar & Restaurant

Summer is one long celebration at the Sarastro! Linger over a lazy lunch with friends, admiring the view of Olavinlinna Castle and the blue lake, or spend an atmospheric evening at our garden bar. You can truly see, taste and hear our devotion to food. Steaming hot, tantalising, bubbling casseroles are promptly delivered to your table until late at night. Glasses are filled with aromatic wines and tankards with golden beer, laughter springs to everyone’s lips and there is music in the air. We just know you will love it all!
Tel. 044-731 2565, info@sarastro.fi
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Butiken på Landet

The Butiken på Landet at Wehmaa Manor in Juva sells ladies’ and gentlemen’s fashions, while the TeaHouse of Wehmais serves tea in the English way and sells a wide selection of loose teas.
Tel. +358 15-651301, wehmais@bpl.fi


The 18-hole Kerigolf course is ideally placed amid imposing forest scenery within easy reach of Punkaharju, Savonlinna, Kerimäki and other places of interest to tourists. The course was designed by Ronald Fream and is now, 25 years later, in peak condition. It is suitable for players of all standards and is challenging with its varied fairways and height differences.
Tel. +358 15-252600, clubhouse@kerigolf.fi

Savonlinna cruises

A cruise on one of our boats is a brilliant, exciting option for a corporate event or club outing. Treat your party to some beautiful scenery and delicious food. Check our website to find out more about our cruises.
Tel. 050-5173 040, ieva@ieva.fi

Lusto – The Finnish Forest Museum

A national specialist museum and science centre focusing on Finnish forest culture. An exhibition and cultural centre amid the famous Punkaharju lakes and eskers, it is a fine setting for first-rate culture, nature and conference tourism.
Tel. 015-345 100, lusto@lusto.fi

Visit Mikkeli!

Combine a visit to the opera with a stay in an old-world manor house, a holiday cottage or villa on Finland’s most beautiful shores, tasty organic and local food or genuine English tea in the peaceful heart of the countryside. Forget your stress and let the Mikkeli region take care of you.

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Black Brook Brewery

Black Brook Brewery is a microbrewer in Savonlinna that was inspired by the Olavinlinna Castle brewmasters of old. Our beers allude to the myths and legends of the castle, deriving from mediaeval woodcuts, historical artefacts, weapons and local heraldry, and we are grateful to the Olavinlinna specialists at the National Board of Antiquities for collaborating in exploring this narrative.
The atrocities of St. Olav, the immured maiden, Black Brook Merman and the Black Ram all feature in the inexhaustible treasure trove of myths and folklore surrounding the 700-year history of Olavinlinna Castle, from which we draw the ideas and rich flavours of Black Brook Brewery beers.
Tel. +358 50 563 8764, petteri.vanttinen@mustanvirranpanimo.fi