Esittely Introduction

Die Fledermaus
Johann Strauss

Jacques Offenbach, who invented the operetta, had his work cut out persuading Johann Strauss to compose one, but persuade him he did. Operettas originally set out to make fun of serious opera, but they soon became its frivo-lous step- sister, focusing on life’s pleasures and peculiar human fates. Who can fault the husband who is fooled into making a pass at his wife in the heat of the moment? Blame the champagne if they all end up in prison! “Happy are those who forget,” says the operetta in all its wisdom.

Die Fledermaus has been running in Vienna ever since it was first performed there, and the Wiener Volksoper is bringing along ele-gant costumes and a production as bubbly as champagne.

Conductor: Alfred Eschwé
Scenic arrangement: Robert Meyer
(Scenery based on the design of Pantelis Dessyllas)
Assistant stage director: Karin Schynol-Korbay
Costume designer: Doris Engl
(based on the original design from Evelyn Frank)
Choreography: Lili Clemente, Susanne Kirnbauer
Revival of lights: Wolfgang Könnyü
Chorus master: Thomas Böttcher

Info Info

July 30. (PREMIERE)
31.7., 1.8., 2.8. & 3.8., 2019
at 19

Sung in German.
Finnish and English surtitles.
Duration about 2 hours 50 minutes. One interval.

Carsten Süss 30.7., 1.8., 3.8. / Morten Frank Larsen 31.7., 2.8. (Gabriel von Eisenstein)
Ursula Pfitzner 30.7., 1.8., 3.8. / Melba Ramos 31.7., 2.8. (Rosalinde)
Anja-Nina Bahrmann 30.7., 1.8., 3.8. / Rebecca Nelsen 31.7., 2.8. (Adele)
Mila Schmidt (Ida)
Günther Haumer 30.7., 1.8., 3.8. / Alexandre Beuchat 31.7., 2.8. (Dr. Falke)
Manuela Leonhartsberger 30.7., 1.8., 3.8. / Annely Peebo 31.7., 2.8. (Orlofsky)
Szabolcs Brickner 30.7., 1.8., 3.8. / Alexander Pinderak 31.7., 2.8. (Alfred)
Kurt Schreibmayer 30.7., 1.8., 3.8. / Daniel Ohlenschläger 31.7., 2.8. (Frank)
Robert Meyer (Frosch)
Jeffrey Treganza (Dr. Blind)

The Orchestra and Choir of the Volksoper Wien
The Vienna State Ballet

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