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Media accreditation

Media reps accredited to the Savonlinna Opera Festival are entitled to one press ticket per media and per production.  

Press tickets and material can be collected from the Festival’s Press Office.

Pictures and photographing

Photos of operas, concerts and artists appearing in them are available at the Opera Festival Picture Gallery. To access the Gallery you need a user ID and password (userID: press, password: press2019). The Picture Gallery is regularly updated. There are no restrictions on the use of these pictures in items about the Savonlinna Opera Festival.

Only photographers who have registered in advance may take photographs during the dress rehearsals and performances. 

Audio and film recording

If you wish to record (audio and/or film), please contact press@operafestival.fi. The maximum clip length is two minutes per programme. One programme may contain several clips, so long as the total clip time does not exceed two minutes. The clip must not comprise a full artistic unit, such as a whole aria or scene.

Contact information

Savonlinna Opera Festival
Olavinkatu 27
FI-57130 Savonlinna