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Merry Widow Seeks Summer Date

Do you dream of a date at a medieval castle on a lake? Then you’ll find the keys to making
it come true at the Savonlinna Opera Festival, in the company of an operetta – The Merry
Widow – as intoxicating as a crisp summer wine. Escorting the lady in question to Savonlinna
is the world’s best operetta house, the Volksoper Wien, so the production promises to be a
musical date second to none.

Counts and Barons are tormented by the thought of Hanna Glawari, a merry widow and her
millions. Yet money plays only a minor role in the search for true happiness, and it will take
numerous waltzes and invitations to dance before the right love-birds fine each other.

No wonder The Merry Widow is so popular, so many beautiful, catchy melodies are woven into
the light, amusing story. Here, then, is a chance to join the Merry Widow in a whirl and delight
in a merry escapade that has served as a model for many Hollywood productions.

The Merry Widow will be performed in Olavinlinna Castle on July 3–8, 2015. Read about The
Merry Widow here and sample a foretaste of the whole 2015 season here.