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Esittely Introduction

Love or death at stake

Princess Turandot is famous for her beauty and cruelty. As her husband, she will accept only a man who can answer three tricky questions correctly. The chopping block awaits all other suitors. Unexpectedly, an unknown suitor, the dispossessed King of Tartary, succeeds. Who is this mysterious man? His name must be discovered by the morning, or all will die. None shall sleep tonight.

Drawing on Chinese themes, here is a work charged with enigmatic tension poured out in such immortal arias as Nessun dorma. Turandot is a guest performance by the Puccini Festival.

Bringing this guest performance of Turandot from Italy to Olavinlinna are true experts on Puccini: the Puccini Festival, Torre del Lago.

Conductor: Alberto Veronesi
Stage director: Enrico Stinchelli                                                           
Stage design: Fondazione Festival Pucciniano
Costume design: Fondazione Festival Pucciniano       
Lighting design: Enrico Stinchelli                                                           
Chorus master: Roberto Ardigo                                                               

Puccini Festival Orchestra
Puccini Festival Choir


Info Info

July 30 (premiere)
August 1 & 3, 2018
at 19

Sung in Italian.
Finnish and English surtitles.
Duration about 3 hours 10 minutes. Two intervals.

Cast includes:

La principessa Turandot, Vassileva Zvetlina
Il principe Ignoto (Calaf), Amadi Lagha
Liù, Lana Kos
Timur, George Andguladze
Ping, Raffaele Raffio
Pong, Tiziano Barontini
Pang, Marco Voleri
Altoum, Alberto Petricca
Un Mandarino, Claudio Ottino
Prima ancella, Micaela Sarah D’Alessandro
Seconda ancella, Anna Russo
Orchestra del Festival Puccini di Torre del lago
Coro del Festival Puccini di Torre del lago
Savonlinna Opera Festival Children´s Choir

The guest performances are supported by Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation.