Partnership with the Savonlinna Opera Festival is a diverse collaboration that combines association with an international culture brand, year-round national marketing, multi-channel content utilisation and unique stakeholder events. We are an international and high-quality performance arts operator that offers unforgettable experiences. The Opera Festival is known as a first-class international cultural event characterised by a highly professional organisation, a sound and balanced budget and the ability to live with the times.



The Savonlinna Opera Festival is the most well-known Finnish cultural event abroad and one of the world’s leading opera festivals. Total audiences of 65,000–70,000 make their way to Olavinlinna Castle each year to see the spectacular performances and revel in the festival’s atmosphere. The international dimension is manifest not only in the productions of visiting opera houses and the artists coming from all corners of the globe, but in the audience as well. Thousands of foreigners make their way to Savonlinna each year to join in this feast of opera.


For decades, the Opera Festival has played an important role in building Finnish cultural identity internationally. For Finnish business life, the Savonlinna Opera Festival is more than just a place to fulfil its social responsibility because a tailored partnership also generates commercial benefits. The Opera Festival audience is committed and has strong purchasing power. Innovativeness and creative solutions are a key part of the Opera Festival’s success story, and this also applies in our partnerships. The event communicates and operates actively throughout the year. The programme is always published a year before the next festival, and the preparations for the upcoming festival are closely followed on the Opera Festival’s media channels.


Our tailored partnerships are designed to foster long-term, interactive collaboration. The image-boosting benefits of a famous event and opportunities for joint marketing measures among an interesting target audience are an essential part of the partnership. National marketing offers diverse opportunities to be involved in enabling unique cultural experiences. Inviting important customers and stakeholders to the festival and our high-quality supplementary programmes built around the opera are part of the customer management of many companies.

We want to build the future of the Opera Festival together with our committed audience and partners. Welcome along!

Mika Nevalainen
Chief Commercial Officer
Tel. +358 400 882 024