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Wardruna concert postponed by a year – additional seats available for summer 2022

The Norwegian group Wardruna’s concert has been postponed by one year until July 2022. The group has made changes to its European tour as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. We will maintain ticket holders’ seat reservations and move them to the following summer. The new concert date at Olavinlinna has been set for Sunday 31 July 2022.  

If you have a ticket to the Wardruna concert: 

  • Your reservation will stay valid and be moved to summer 2022. 
  • We will reach out to you by email. Please confirm to move your ticket date by 16 June.

Information about moving the ticket date. 

“I strongly believe that our music is best experienced in settings and surroundings that somehow complement our music and in that sense, the history and aesthetics of Olavinlinna Castle are no less than perfectly suited for a Wardruna concert.” 

Singer and frontman Einar Selvik