Experience ancient Viking mysticism in the darkening late summer night. The phenomenally popular Wardruna from Norway creates new music from age-old Norse elements. The group’s ambient-style concerts are renowned for their ritualistic and mesmerising atmospheres.

Along with traditional Scandinavian drums, harps and wind instruments, the rich soundscape includes whispering voices, melodic vocals and mighty choral singing. Historic Norse instruments are complemented by the natural sounds of trees, stones, fire and water. Song lyrics, written in old Viking languages, are based on mythology and runes.

Wardruna has published four albums and has topped the Billboard chart for world music. The group’s fame has been further enhanced by having its compositions featured in the popular History Channel’s series Vikings.

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To help you enjoy the performance without concerns and crowds, we take safety extremely seriously and adhere to all official guidelines, as do all our partners.

To ensure safe distancing, we are prepared to stage two concerts on the same performance date. This means the audience will be divided into two identical concerts, rather than all attending one larger event. The decision about an additional concert will be made during the spring according to the pandemic situation. If you have a ticket for the concert, read more here.

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