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School of Gaming and Savonlinna Opera Festival to Premiere Opera in Minecraft 

School of Gaming and Savonlinna Opera Festival are teaming up to bring Mozart’s Magic Flute to life in Minecraft. This innovative summer camp will take place online from June 26th to 30th, 2023, and is open to children who want to explore the magical world of opera and Minecraft.

“This is a unique opportunity for children to discover the beauty of opera in a fun and interactive way,” says Mikko Perälä, the founder of School of Gaming. “We are excited to bring the enchanting story of Mozart’s Magic Flute to life in Minecraft, and we can’t wait for children to experience it for themselves.”

During the five-day summer camp, children will embark on a magical journey which will take them through an enchanted grove to discover the Temple of Wisdom while they help prince Tamino in his quest. The children take on the roles of some of the characters from the opera and among other things they help the Queen of the Night recover her lost voice so she can sing that famous aria of hers.

“This is a great opportunity for us to attract a new generation to opera,” says Sonja Eiramo, the Head of Marketing Communications of Savonlinna Opera Festival. “By combining the world of Minecraft with the world of opera, we hope to introduce children to the beauty of this art form in a fun and engaging way.” 

The online summer camp will be held in Finnish and English, and children of all ages and backgrounds are welcome to participate. With the help of School of Gaming’s expert Minecraft game educators, the children themselves will take on the starring roles of the opera.

“This will be the first time ever that someone has done an opera in Minecraft,” added Mikko Perälä. “But more importantly, the star roles will be the children themselves. We can’t wait to see what they will come up with!”

For more information and to register, visit: Mozartin Taikahuilu-ooppera online-kesäleiri Minecraftissa (sog.gg)

Mikko Perälä, Founder
School of Gaming
+358 407453749

Sonja Eiramo, Head of Marketing Communications
Savonlinna Opera Festival
+358 40 508 8828