Esittely Introduction

Giuseppe Verdi
La traviata

Love and Death was the initial name suggested for the opera La traviata, literally translated as ”the lost woman”. Violetta is basking in attention and offers intimacy at a cost. Behind her smile she’s consumed by loneliness, but in the heat of the night her longing remains hidden.

Despite this, La traviata champions love that sees behind the mask, ”love mysterious and profound”. The true story has also inspired cinematic interpretations like Pretty Woman and Moulin Rouge. With his music that sends shivers up your spine, Verdi has made it larger than life.

The role of Violetta is sung by the Swedish Ida Falk Winland and Marjukka Tepponen, both known as skilled interpreters of demanding roles. The conductor, Eva Ollikainen, is visiting Savonlinna Opera Festival for the first time. She found sudden and immense success at a young age, then burned out by excessive demand, sold her possessions and escaped to work on sailing ships. Her reignited love for music is now giving rise to new interpretations.

Conductor Eva Ollikainen
Director Mariusz Treliński
Sets Boris Kudlicka
Costumes Gosia Baczynska, Tomasz Ossolinski
Lighting design Felice Ross
Choreographer Tomas Wygoda
Chorus master Matti Hyökki

Info Info

July 6 (premiere)
July 8., 14., 18., 20., & 23.2020 at 19

Tickets from 98 €

Language: Italian
Surtitles in Finnish and English
Duration: approx. 3 h 15 min, incl. two intervals

Cast including
Violetta Valery: Marjukka Tepponen (6.7., 14.7. ja 18.7.), Ida Falk Winland (8.7., 20.7. ja 23.7.)
Alfredo Germont: NN (6.7., 14.7. ja 18.7.), Pavel Petrov (8.7., 20.7. ja 23.7.)
Giorgio Germont: Vladislav Sulimski (6.7., 14.7. ja 18.7.), Arttu Kataja (8.7., 20.7. ja 23.7.)

Savonlinna Opera Festival Choir
Savonlinna Opera Festival Orchestra

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