Katie Melua (UK)

Katie Melua, who topped the UK charts with her first album at the age of 19, began taking singing lessons when she was 7 and wrote her first songs already at 15. It is no wonder that this huge passion for music turned the Georgian-born British singer into one of the most successful musical artists in the UK and also one of the country’s best-selling recording female artists. Melua’s greatest hit, Nine Million Bicycles, has amassed nearly 66 million plays on Spotify. 

“Katie Melua seems to be Britain’s response to Norah Jones”
Soundi magazine  

The spring of 2023 saw the release of the folk-pop artist’s ninth album. Melua mesmerises audiences with her soft voice, flawless performances and warm personality. For her latest European tour in spring 2023, Melua will bring along her partner and firstborn child, who was born only a few months ago. She wants to show that artists do not need to choose between their career and parenthood.  

At Olavinlinna, Melua will perform songs from her album Love and Money that was released in March as well as some of her well-known hits. 

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