Samu Haber Big Band

Samu Haber, who became known as the soloist of Sunrise Avenue and has since then successfully kickstarted a solo career, will perform in a unique concert with his band, which features a large wind section.  

“I have already experienced many amazing things in my career, and another one of my dreams is soon to come true. The Opera Festival requires a special set, and it’s crazy to get to enjoy the evening in the legendary Olavinlinna,” Haber says. 

Samu Haber, who had a dream start to his Finnish solo career, shot to number one in the Finnish charts last autumn with his debut album Pelastetaan maailma. In March, Haber conquered the Helsinki Ice Hall, filling it with a unique and warm atmosphere with his solo concert. The arena performance was preceded by a record release tour in the biggest clubs in Finland, which was completely sold out in advance. 

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