Ticket information

Potluck ticket is always a good deal

With a potluck ticket, you can enjoy the opera in the best possible seat – inexpensively. A ticket purchase of EUR 80 guarantees you a seat that is worth at least EUR 105. This summer, Potluck tickets are available for the following performances: Romeo and Juliet, The Barber of Seville and Bluebeard’s Castle & A Room of One’s Own.

A tip for first-timers: with a potluck ticket, you can enjoy world-class opera
for a pretty good price!

The exact seat will only be revealed at the very last moment, and it is always the best one available. You will receive the ticket with a numbered seat directly to your email by 3 p.m. on the day of the performance. Box seats are not included in Potluck, and we cannot guarantee adjacent seats to those who purchase multiple tickets.

Potluck tickets are often sold out, so act quickly. Potluck tickets are only available online.

Potluck tickets for summer 2023 are now available:

    • Tickets for Romeo and Juliet HERE.
    • Tickets for The Barber of Seville HERE.
    • Tickets for double bill night, Bluebeard’s Castle & A Room of One’s Own HERE.