Karita Mattila & Ville Matvejeff

Concert at Kerimäki Church

The forever dazzling Karita Mattila will shine her light on a summer’s evening at Kerimäki Church, performing together with Savonlinna Opera Festival’s Artistic Director, pianist Ville Matvejeff. The two first met ten years ago when Karita Mattila needed a rehearsal pianist for learning a new opera. As the rehearsal started, Ville asked her if he should just play or whether he could also sing. Surprised, the opera diva told him to go ahead and sing, initiating their close collaboration 

The summery concert programme will be announced at the end of May. The duo’s performances have been praised for their warm, informal atmosphere. The Tampere newspaper Aamulehti gave their local concert ten out of five stars, while at Wigmore Hall Karita and Ville surprised the audience with a Finnish tango.  

The concert will adhere to any applicable limits on audience numbers and safe distancing restrictions. 

Due to the pandemic situation and the uncertainties around large events, opera performances and Karita Mattila’s orchestral galas in summer 2021 have been cancelled. Read more about changes to the summer 2021 festival here 

Summer 2021 will feature concerts and the Timo Mustakallio Singing Competition. Read more about the summer’s concerts. 

  • Karita Mattila


  • Ville Matvejeff


  • Duration

    1 hour 30 minutes, one interval


  • Yrjö Kilpinen

    From the song cycle ”Songs of the Fells” 
    The Church by the Water op. 54 no. 2
    To Song” op. 52 no. 3
    Song of Summer op. 54 no. 3

  • Erkki Melartin

    Miriam’s Song I op. 4 no. 3
    Miriam’s Song II op. 4 no. 4

  • Toivo Kuula

    Marjatta’s Song op. 8 no. 2
    Summer Night in the Churchyard op. 6 no. 1
    Morning Song op. 2 no. 3
    Long I stared into the Fire op. 2 no. 2
    Blue Maiden op. 23 no. 1
    Epilogue op. 6 no. 2

  • Interval

  • Aulis Sallinen

    Four Dream Songs op. 30 
    1 Man made from sleep
    2 Cradle song for a dead horseman
    3 Three dreams, each within each
    4 There is no stream

  • Oskar Merikanto

    Folk Song (Where Rustling Birches Bend) op. 90 no. 1
    Bye, Bye, My Sweet Swaddled Baby op. 2 no. 1
    Apple Blossoms, op. 53 no. 1
    I Am Alive! op. 71 no. 1

  • Ralf Gothóni

    From the song cycle ”5 Finnish Folk Songs” 
    3 The Piper Shepherd
    4 A Wandring on a Summer’s Eve
    5 Come, Hurry My Darling

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