Romeo and Juliet synopsis

Romeo and Juliet synopsis

Act I 

The wealthy and influential Montague and Capulet families have been enemies for some time. When the Capulet family arranges a magnificent reception, Romeo Montague and his friends crash the party. Romeo catches sight of Juliet Capulet and succeeds in spending some time with her alone. Before they discover they come from rival families they fall helplessly in love with each other. Romeo and his friends are recognized and are obliged to make a hasty exit. 

Act 2 

That night Romeo climbs into the Capulet garden in order to catch a glimpse of Juliet. She appears on her balcony, and they declare their love for each other. They plan their wedding and hope their marriage will signify the end of the fighting between their two families. 

Act 3 

Romeo and Juliet go to Brother Laurent who marries them in secret. Outside the Capulet residence, Romeo’s young and impetuous friend Stefano sings a scornful song to the Capulet family, this resulting in a violent confrontation. Romeo appears and attempts to mediate, but when Tybalt Capulet stabs Romeo’s friend Mercutio, Romeo loses his senses and kills Tybalt. Consequently, Romeo is sentenced to lifelong exile. 

Act 4 

Romeo and Juliet spend their wedding night in Juliet’s room and at dawn they bid each other a long and painful farewell. Mr Capulet visits his daughter and informs her that she is to be married that same day to a suitable young man named Paris. Juliet is horrified but Brother Laurent has a solution. He gives her a potion to cause her to fall into a death-like sleep. She will then be laid down in the family crypt. Laurent is to make sure Romeo will wait for her there when she wakes so that they can flee together. The guests assemble to celebrate the wedding and during the ceremony Juliet collapses, lifeless. She is placed in the family’s burial chamber.  

 Act 5 

Romeo finds Juliet’s lifeless body in the crypt. Brother Laurent’s message about the secret potion hasn’t reached him. Devastated by grief, he empties a bottle of poison to join her in death. As Romeo lies dying Juliet awakes. They just have time to confirm their everlasting love before Romeo takes his last breath and Juliet follows him by stabbing herself in the heart.