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Samu Haber and Katie Melua to perform at the Savonlinna Opera Festival 

The Savonlinna Opera Festival programme will include two new popular music concerts. Samu Haber, who became known as the soloist of Sunrise Avenue and has since then successfully kickstarted a solo career, will perform in a unique concert with his band, which features a large wind section, on Sunday, 2 July. One of Britain’s most successful female artists, Katie Melua, will arrive at Olavinlinna on Sunday, 16 July. She last toured in Finland in 2018.  

A very special performance with a large wind section at the Savonlinna Opera Festival was added to Samu Haber’s concert calendar, which was already heavily booked for the summer.  The artist, whose music conveys great emotions, sensitivity and joy of life, will perform at Olavinlinna on Sunday, 2 July. “I have already experienced many amazing things in my career, and another one of my dreams is soon to come true. The Opera Festival requires a special set, and it’s crazy to get to enjoy the evening in the legendary Olavinlinna,” Haber says.

Samu Haber, who had a dream start to his Finnish solo career, shot to number one in the charts last autumn with his debut album Pelastetaan maailma. The album, which also received an Emma nomination, contains several hits that broke the gold and platinum threshold, such as Sä, Enkelten kaupunki and Täältä tullaan. In March, Haber conquered the Helsinki Ice Hall, filling it with a unique and warm atmosphere with his solo concert. The arena performance was preceded by a record release tour in the biggest clubs in Finland, which was completely sold out in advance.

Katie Melua, who topped the UK charts with her first album at the age of 19, began taking singing lessons when she was 7 and already wrote her first songs at 15. It is no wonder that this huge passion for music turned the Georgian-born British singer into one of the most successful musical artists in the UK and also one of the country’s best-selling recording female artists. Melua’s greatest hit, Nine Million Bicycles, has amassed nearly 66 million plays on Spotify.

Folk-pop artist Melua, who recently released her ninth album, Love and Money, mesmerises audiences with her soft voice, flawless performances and warm personality. For her latest European tour this spring, Melua will bring along her partner and firstborn child, who was born only a few months ago. She would like to show that artists do not need to choose between their career and parenthood.

At Olavinlinna, Melua will perform songs from her album Love and Money that was released in March as well as some of her well-known hits.

Samu Haber Big Band
Sunday, 2 July at 8 p.m. in Olavinlinna

Katie Melua
Sunday, 16 July at 8:30 p.m. in Olavinlinna

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